Derby #15: Time Travel Souvenirs


Just in time!

This is going to be a wild one- could go anywhere or when.


Oh boy! I’m sure we’re going to see some crazy entries! Have fun!


Great theme for my return to the derby. Hopefully the brain juices will flow and I’ll be busy tonight :slight_smile:


“and two, stay far, far away from copyrighted images, concepts, etc.”

Does that mean no video game/movie/TV/etc references? It sounds like it to me


No, just a Star Wars ref.


I hope people understand, that for accuracy’s sake, we’ll likely be seeing a number of white shirts this week.

Souvenir shirts are almost ALWAYS white.


I really like this one. I was expecting space someday but thought it would be its own derby.


I don’t think they’d do ‘space’ as a theme so soon after ‘night’. In a month or two maybe.


Anyone taking bets on the number of dr. who shirts we’ll see?


“I blew up the Death Star and all I got was a lousy lightsaber. Oh, and this T-shirt.”


“I blew up the death star and all I got to do was make out with my sister.”


not since they already mentioned avoiding copyrights.


Copyright…Agh. This would have been a perfect time for a MST3k shirt.


Except in the future, where they are exclusively offered in Banana Yellow.


And in the very distant past, where they were only offered in burlap.


Are national monuments considered “copyrighted images, concepts, etc.”?

Probably lots of them might look different in the future. You know, after the grand canyon is all filled in with sediment and the great pyramids are a popular beach front resort…


Hmm…Does American Apparel offer burlap in the 2001 model?


I would venture a guess and say that depictions of national monuments are NOT protected, and even so, if you did something like what you’re saying, it might be considered ‘parody’.

But don’t take my word for it…

/1000 posts :slight_smile:


I guess the proof that time travel is impossible is that we never see time tourists stumbling around with maps. If it was EVER invented at any time in the future…they would be here.