Derby #150 (Intergalactic Cup): Honorable Mentions


It’s the over due walmazan HM everyone was looking for over at the psychedelia HM’s.

I’m going to say it: What a horrible derby. These HM’s don’t express the designers’ full talents that could have come out with a more thought-out theme than “soccer in space”. :confused:

Yes, it was a very limiting theme. But I was impressed with what artists were able to do within such narrow parameters. I much prefer over-specific themes like this vs. over-broad themes like this week.

that said, I don’t think there’s a single design I would call “more worthy”. They’re all about as printable as anything this derby could possibly get.

>sigh< Never ceases to amaze that the HMs are almost consistently better than the ‘winners’ that print.

That’s a big honor for me.
Does an HM get your a free shirt coupon? I thought I read that somewhere before.

Yup. It can take some time before they get around to mailing it to you though…

ty woot :smiley: second HM :smiley:
congrats to all :smiley:

Thanks for the mention woot staff! :slight_smile: