Derby #151: Shirt You'd Wear To A Job Interview

Starcraft quote: “Hell, It’s About Time”
Congratz to all of you :smiley:

Good lord, HM’s!!!

Not even very good ones (they were from the weakest derby that side of the Kawaii derby, to be fair), but HM’s nonetheless.

Honorable mentions are back! Fantastic! Looks like kitty is still hanging in there. Being a positive force of good and OWWWWW! Claws claws claws!

thanks, woot :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to see the rest of them, thanks guys!

HMs! Nice picks too, a few I really liked in here :smiley: Congrats everyone!

WOOO! Now if only I could get to print my “night shift” with glow in the dark ink. That would make my day… or year. Either way, thanks woot! Great choices.

Congrats to all the HM’s and thanks shirtwoot!

Wait a tick… the staff is moving to Seattle? Does that mean the offices and such is going there as well??

I’m sure I missed a memo:
“OK, so, yeah, things have been a little goofy around here lately, with half of the staff off at one time or another to find new places to live in Seattle.”

There’s an office opening in Seattle?

Amazon is based there, so perhaps they want all the staff there as well. Moo, I was kind of proud to have Woot in my home state, but I guess the winds of change will blow.

No, just the staff. We looked into moving an office building and it was prohibitively expensive.

Woot is staying in Dallas. Woot Workshop, which has been based mostly in St. Louis and is composed of writers and developers, is moving to Seattle.

Welcome to Seattle, I think you’ll like it here! Assuming you never enjoyed the sun and the light it provides.

I hope Seattle treats you well Llandar! At least you can experience more than two seasons a year. :slight_smile:

Yeah, instead of bloody hot, and sort of slightly less hot, you’ll get warm, pleasant, Oh-my-God-we’re-snowed-in-til-April, and more pleasant. :slight_smile:

Actually it rarely snows here. In fact I think this winter it snowed maybe one afternoon, but I don’t think it even stuck. We’re in this strange little weather pocket. And although Seattle is known for it’s rain, it actually doesn’t get as much inch-wise as places in the Midwest and South. It’s just perpetually drizzling.

Ah ok, I wasn’t aware. I knew it was very rainy and moist, but I thought they had a lot of snow too. Ah well. I guess perpetual drizzle is preferable to perpetual hellfire…which is what Texas gets…

People do freak out when it does snow, so in that way Seattle and Texas (and the rest of the South) are a lot alike.

Thanks guys!

…also welcome to the Pacific Northwest. I hope you like rain. :smiley: