Derby #151: Shirt You'd Wear To A Job Interview

Actually it rarely snows here. In fact I think this winter it snowed maybe one afternoon, but I don’t think it even stuck. We’re in this strange little weather pocket. And although Seattle is known for it’s rain, it actually doesn’t get as much inch-wise as places in the Midwest and South. It’s just perpetually drizzling.

Ah ok, I wasn’t aware. I knew it was very rainy and moist, but I thought they had a lot of snow too. Ah well. I guess perpetual drizzle is preferable to perpetual hellfire…which is what Texas gets…

People do freak out when it does snow, so in that way Seattle and Texas (and the rest of the South) are a lot alike.

Thanks guys!

…also welcome to the Pacific Northwest. I hope you like rain. :smiley: