Derby #154 (Cities): Honorable Mentions


I’ll be looking forward to snatching up City Living in the next double-take derby, jasneko!

Congrats all of you guys!

Thanks so much paxetaurora - here’s hoping!

And woot…thanks for the HM and your description… “Sorry, this is way too lovely for me to make fun of.”… wow, I am touched. <3

Congrats to everyone else too=)

Congrats to all, even if I have to disagree with one HM… :confused:

So, no nod for walmazan, drak, or avhienda, but we give one to the nature city design? Really?

Congrats all the same I guess.

MUST have Llama one! SO excited for the next Double Take!

Very excited to see NightLife up there :). I was quite sad when that one didn’t print.

I’m particularly glad to see ProfBrendan’s Whalbuquerque, and jas’ City Living. Good picks, although there are always more I’m sad not to see.

I did sort of like Patrick’s entry, but yeah, I felt like it didn’t fit the topic - another case of an inconsistent rejectonator. No comment on the text design.

Walmazan’s design was great. I liked that one more than most derby entries I’ve ever seen (not that I’ve been around that long but still). It was so unexpected and cute.

I’m glad NightLife got the props it deserved. I was really hoping to buy that one.

Thanks! Great to get an HM for this one.

Congrats Jas! :slight_smile: If it doesn’t print here, can you please let me know if you print it somewhere else? My sis would really like to have one :slight_smile:

Happy to see yours here too, cmdixon! :slight_smile:

Nice variety of excellent options…

I just looked back here… thanks avhienda! It’s in the doubletake derby this week so be on the lookout to vote again:) That’s cool about your sis! Let’s hope:) Perhaps I do need to venture from woot sometime…