Derby #155 (Kawaii!!!!!!!! ^_^): Honorable Mentions

Really good choices, all told. I’m still hoping that I might some day be able to wear Viral Kawaii.

So pleased to see marizpan and meg up in here!

All great picks, and thanks for including my error design Woot. :^)

Thank you, benevolent Woot overlords! For the HM, and for getting the HMs up in general.

Yeah Diana! Sharks FTW!!!

Thank you! Squeeee!

I love that the vomit has a face too. I need to own a marzipanapple shirt.

oh wow! thank you woot! and thanks spirit! :slight_smile:

I"m very sad that the “Move already” is not going to get printed, and all because a certain artist plagirized the shirt and won, and then the shirt was pulled. I wish woot would at least have the deceny to give “Move already” shirt an HM

I agree with this sentiment. and think, had travis gotten two more votes, what then!

What a pleasant surprise in my inbox! :slight_smile: Thank you!!

Much as I love Travis, “move already” wasn’t that printable. It simply wasn’t up to his artistic standard, and there were better pieces in the fog.

that said, in the long run, it’s a good thing he didn’t have two more votes. I think that, for all the outrage, Nom-ination printing has done woot worlds more good than it losing would have.

I figured with it tying, there would have been a lot bigger fuss about nomination and what fell out there. I didn’t care for the shirt itself - it was well done but most of this stuff is just not my cup of tea. Imagine that.

Aw. I desperately wanted the honeybee regurgitating honey shirt to print. Honeyyy!