Derby #156 (Three): Honorable Mentions

Tanks guys, tanks.

Hooray for deadfrog and artulo! :slight_smile: Hoot-hoot! lol

I thought Trilobite was in the fog…wouldn’t that make it a candidate for Honorable Mention?

Any entry is a candidate for Honorable Mention.

Being in the fog doesn’t guarantee you a Honorable Mention. (Thank goodness sometimes)

Yeah! Between this derby, kawaii and eyewitness derby I have 4 HM’s so far :slight_smile: Lets see if we can keep the streak alive!

Thanks for remembering my Trilo-bites design jennyland! Woot picks their HMs from the whole derby so everyone has a possible second chance.

That’s how the cookie crumbles. :slight_smile:

yay! all my favs are here! cant wait to revote for them!

3 blind mice! woot!

Would definately like this to print.

The goldilocks tee as well.

Might it show up somewhere else someday? :slight_smile:

Thrilled to see Seed up there. I LOVE that design! The whole thing, I must have it, even as a poster print. The wolf just makes me titter. ^^_____^^

Goldilocks: Villain totally has my vote come double take time.



More like TKO FTHM!

Considering that woot thought that awful icecream tee was somehow creative enough for an HM, I have no idea how Trilobites didn’t get one.

Woot gives an HM to whatever it pleases - fogged entries don’t always get one, and entries that aren’t fogged sometimes do.

(I was hoping for Crescent Debris’ phase design to show up here, oh well)