Derby #157 (Reinterpreting Famous Art Titles): Honorable Mentions

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO at the lack of shark-tank (HOLY CRAP… Perfect E.C. for pun week! What other week rules? SHARK WEEK… it’s like an awesome combination)

Please submit elsewhere as soon as possible.

I do like the Beefmoe64 piece. That Napoleon… Such a silly lil’ fella.

Thanks :slight_smile: But I too am saddened that there is no shark tank. Hopefully you’ll get some more wins soon to make up for it.

Oh hey, thanks again. Yous guys is great.

Not only did I have nothing to do with shark tank… None of my entries ever got over 100 votes.

Double ouch for me.

I just really liked the design.

Woot woot deadfrog, littleclyde, and tgentry! :slight_smile:

It’s days like this that make me eagerly anticipate the DTDs :slight_smile: Congrats all!

dammit. i really want that shark tank shirt.

spiritgreen please let us know after the 60 days or 90 days or whatever the hell eternity it is, where you get it printed.

You know whether I make the HMs or not (and missing this one does sting a bit ^_^) I know I’m doing something right when people remember my entry. Thanks for the shark tank love!

Great buncha HMs here! I’m especially glad to see Lucky1988’s catboat. -Love- it. Good luck to all of you in the double-take, seems like it’s going to be soon!

This is what an HM list should look like. Sadly, the other HM weeks posted today will make the doubletake a world of sadness and crappy winners.

C’mon now, they’re not all bad. At least the ilovedoodle solar system is in. That’s a definite EC.

We can hope.

They’re never ALL bad, but the bad ones are almost always blatant probable winners. There are too many obvious prints of zero quality. We’re not going to get doodle. We’re going to get ice cream family.

You’re probably right. Until I finally got to this HM list, I was dead certain there wouldn’t be a single shirt in the next DTD I’d want. I don’t want a kawaii shirt! I want me a tgentry or deadfrog, or…

Yeah tell me about it. A winged victory/solar system combo printing would be amazing.

It just kills me that the shark tank shirt didn’t make it! And right after shark week, too. There has never been anything on Woot which I wanted more than that shirt.

Still, I’m glad to see the Great Wave shirt up there. It amuses me.