Derby #158 (Physics): Honorable Mentions

Glad Tgentry’s design got an HM, if only real armadillos had that kind of technology.

I used to work in surveys. I saw tons of dead armadillos… I was so pumped the first time I saw a live one.

Yeah chumpmagic! :slight_smile:

Woohoo, Pulleys! Going to be interesting to see how that fares when it gets to compete from the very start of a derby.

Congrats to all of the HMs!

Good thing LOLCommunism subbed his to threadless already, or he might have been able to utilize his HM. What a shame that’d have been for him!

Much thanks woot!:smiley:

And congrats to all the HMs, some nice picks in here.

Thank you, Woot! Glad to see the staff back at the grind. Can’t wait for the next DTD, as there are lots of shirts here I loved.


Thanks for the support Draug; I’m excited too!

Also, is it just me or is my special phrase unfinished… “Don’t judge our creation myths and we” Or is just lacking punctuation: commas and period?

Maybe they did that intensionally so you would assume (or better yet, falsely assume) the end result. That would be brilliant since it would be relevant to my piece.

Anyhoo… woohoo!

too bad physibots didn’t make it.

Hey linda, you should see if woot will let you submit it somewhere else - I think there’s a pretty good chance you’d print elsewhere!

That contest would be a good match if you’re into an ipad.

I know that they are really similar, but I am rooting for both the balloon and the sock kitteh. Both make me giggle and the espressions are great =) Also rooting for Pulleys!

Well that’s just wrong - so we end up short an HM? Or hey Woot - why not give his to someone else deserving? Not to fault the artist, but he can’t print here now, anyway…

Meanwhile, yay for Bass and ilovedoodle. Rootin’ for ya. Very little in this derby worked for me (SO not into science!). But your subs were nice.

AGREED. That was my favorite, hands-down. It came in frickin’ fourth place, but it’s not an HM? And yet three of the HMs are cats, and two of those are about static electricity…This derby was supposed to be about physics, right?

(Not that I’m saying those are bad designs. I just think physibots really got the shaft.)

I was waiting all weekend to see if physibots would print, and then waiting to see it make an HM. Oh woot, how you disappoint me sometimes.

Physibots, while better than the cats that got HMs, was not all that amazing in and of itself. Sorry.

Great to see lots of love going to the other fine entries. Have to thank the people of good taste at Woot who sent a HM my way.

Matter of opinion. And it did come in 4th, so apparently a lot of people thought it was good enough to buy.

While I agree with you, popularity=/= quality