Derby #159 (Road Trip!): Honorable Mentions

I love the Road Dog soooooooo much. -pines for it-

some great HM’s this week. its gonna be so hard to pick in the next double take. =(

I preferred the open window variation myself.

Nice to see joaolauro and cmdixon here! :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks! And thanks for the HM, Woot!

Wow! Thanks for the HM Woot! Would it be possible to submit the larger version that uses all of the design space?

Thanks again!

Dude, odysseyroc representin’! Nice job, man.

Congrats! nice HM!

Thanks! I didn’t think I’d have anything in this Double Take, but Tribe came through for me.

and the hippos. Don’t forget those wacky felines