Derby #16: Information Graphics



Okay…off to work on a new idea!


Cool theme, but lots of text again. Won’t please the artsy types.


But on the plus side, it will require some form of design, which means any just text entries are doomed from the get-go


Yeah, hate to bite the hand that fed me and all… but I had my fill of all text in the last derby.


By the way, given last derby’s postulation for the new theme, I love how the google ads are all for ducks


Drat. I was so sure it would be ducks. :wink:


AHA! :slight_smile:


Wow, I actually have some ideas for this one. Ones that I can execute myself that is. :slight_smile:


you guys ready for “GI Metro 2: Electric Boogaloo”??



that is all…


This one’s right down your alley! Good luck!


I feel artistically cramped.

Edit: Wait no I don’t, nevermind.


Technically, there should be an absolute minimum of text…This is “Information Graphics”…The whole point is to convey a message quickly with the use of images instead of text.


if i don’t come up with a good idea soon, i’m going to be very disappointed in myself…

Also, another note. Infographics are a VERY popular t-shirt theme…so before you design it, google it. Many designs that are based on real life infographics (any kind of warning sign, for instance) have likely been done before.


Hmmmm… I have an idea. A zombie idea. Question is, can I beat any other zombie ideas out the gate?

I also agree, it would be nice to have a “no text” rule for the next derby.


Didn’t we have a derby like this before? I vaguely remember a shirt that looked like the NYC Subway line…

EDIT: Yes, I found it. It was the GI Metro shirt. What was the theme for that derby?


the theme was ‘Maps’


I read through the stuff reguarding derbies and couldnt find an answer for this.

Is there a limit to how many submissions you can enter?


A few limits, actually - your connection speed to woot’s servers, the speed you create shirts at, the amount of time you need for other things (sleep, food, work, etc). But theoretically speaking, I think they let you submit as much as you possibly can.


OK lets see… If I starve myself, deprive of all sleep, who needs work!, and do nothing but create I think I can make…


Wait that doesnt seem right

Carries the two, devides by pi, natural logs

Huh… Maybe it is.

Either way, thanks for the answer!


For you guys talking about no text for this derby, it really wouldn’t make much sense. Most “information graphics” you’ll find in media have text with them.

A pie chart doesn’t mean anything unless its parts are labeled, etc.