Derby #160 (The End of the World): Honorable Mentions


great set of HM’s woot. can’t wait til the next double take for some of these.

also, congrats to all the artists, great job! =)

Duck and Cover and The Last One are amazing. Both deserve prints somewhere. Is there a place on Woot that artists let people know when/where they’ve resubmitted, presuming they don’t win the double take??

wotto FTW!

Wow, thanks Woot!

And it’s brilliant to see tascott02’s design back even though it was rejectionated for text at the time. Very deserving of a second chance!

It appears the Wotto design has been submitted to this venue for voting. It seems it’s original submission date to the End of the World Derby was August 13th, which was less than 60 days ago.

I might be mistaken, but is this not against the rules?

Thank you oh merciful woot overlords!

Not necessarily, but it can’t hurt to contact the artist.

Also, an HM for Invasion? F YEAH!

Duck and Cover is not the sort of shirt I’d ever buy if someone described it to me, but for some reason I’m irrationally in love with that shirt.


And while I have nothing but respect for wotto, and think that shirt needs to print, if it’s been entered elsewhere before the 60 days, then it should probably not be included in the doubletake. Murraymullet’s was subbed to threadless, also. Granted, in either case, it’s not 60 days, but this is certainly an excellent reason to announce HMs right after the damn derby.

Woot, do your job. And artists, please, look at and respect the rules of the contests you enter. Yes, I know woot doesn’t respect you back. But no one can win two contests at once anyway.

Woot, if you need to pull the two shirts that have been entered elsewhere - would you please consider HMing two others in their place?

Monsterskettie and Planetballs would be a good start! (my favorite from the derby)

Some great picks in here, 3 of these particularly stood out to me during the derby. Congrats everyone:)

I would highly support this.

Yep yep

All great choices… and about time. :wink:

I didn’t know that rejected shirts still qualified for HM. I am glad because I truly love the one with the tape decks. That one is spectacular.

Good on you woot, tascott02’s Invasion is a brilliant design. It’s so good that it has no chance in the double-take derby so I’m starting the campaign for an editor’s choice!

Not on woot, but check out, thatrobert’s site. He tracks down shirts that print elsewhere.