Derby #162 (Cryptozoology Redux): Honorable Mentions


These’s HM’s really make me wish there were Editor’s Choice picks each week . . . so many great designs and so much woot voter fail.

wow i missed some of these, where the heck was i this derby? i missed Minhocão and Poker completely, they are great! congrats everyone!

i have a few favs in this one, yeti school boy (yay to stupididiot for your first HM!) and lucky’s mother of all sightings, as well as yeti iceberger, and the more i look at jack of jackalopes the more i like that one too.

I am way more excited about sogj’s elephant/Nessie than I have any right to be. But I really want it. It makes me feel 4. :slight_smile:

Lovely picks this time around. :smiley:

This is a really great set of HM’s, but I am really bummed to not see Goat Sucker. I was bummed to not see it print. I really wish that one could have another chance :frowning: Maybe at another site? We’ll have to see :slight_smile:

I also really wanted a Goat Sucker shirt or two. Could we get a group of people together, and the artist, and go to cafe press?

Thanks, Woot!

Indeed. Good thing they’ll be denied printing when Yeti/Sasquatch picks up the deformocute bloc in the doubletake.

How is it determined to have editor’s choice prints? Is it done often, or at random, or what?

Oh yeah, that one was great. I wonder if maybe it was overlooked because of the fine lines on the brown shirt.

THRILLED to see the Seed, infinity and the swisschef get HMs. Especially the chef. That design was just a bit too low-key to garner the votes it deserved.

I miss the Goatsucker, too - Star, you gotta print that somewhere.

But, then there are the ECs. We can still hope.

There are derbies. After each derby (theoreticalloy)comes the Honorable Mentions. They get to fight it out in the Double-take Derby held every so many derbies (I never pay attention to how long, but I’m sure someone will post it). Then, after all that, Woot staff pick a week of shirts from the DT to honor with Editors’ Choice prints.
I think I got that right…

Congrats to the HM winners! :slight_smile:

And thanks for the kind words, y’all. I, too, was disappointed for ‘Goat Sucker’, but hopefully he’ll print one of these days. I’ll let you know!

I’m really glad to see The Reflection as a HM. Hopefully it prints this time around. I agree with the others that Goatsucker should be in there too.

Congrats to the HMs. Personally pulling for MoonBoy’s yeti design next double-take … I really loved that one!