Derby #163 (Rainy Day): Honorable Mentions


Yay Avhienda and Linablade! Also lots more that I loved here. Congrats everyone ^^.

Congrats to the HMs. But did we really need two cats-under-umbrellas designs on the list? With so many deserving designs to pick from, it feels slightly redundant.

GREAT to see Playground on here. And big Lolz to the comment on avhienda01’s Imagine.

Nice picks, but Umbrella Tree is the only one I’d be interested in buying. I actually like it better than the ones that won (although I ended up buying all 3 of them! lol)

who says linablade’s “rainy day love” is a male and female? maybe it’s two females with big pink hearts? just sayin’.

Only one has rosy cheeks though.

Thanks so much for the HM woot, I’m really happy ‘Needs More umbrella’ will get a second chance! It’s one of my designs that I really would like to have;)

And congrats to all the HMs, I liked quite a few in here!

LOL no friggin’ kidding! snort

Thanks for the HM, Woot! :slight_smile: Congrats to everyone else! You too, Jas! I’m still surprised Crescent didn’t print.

Great picks! :^)

So glad to see Playground on here. That’s a must-vote must-buy in the next double-take. :slight_smile:

Heck, almost half the designs are “under umbrella”. Although there’s a decent variety to them.

I’m hoping for a CrescentDebris print.

Thanks for the HM, seriously wasn’t expecting to see mine up there with all those great shirts :smiley:

These are all great, and a nice varied selection. I was very much hoping Trading Places would have made the list, but it was probably tough to choose among so many creative ideas.

Man, I can’t believe I missed voting on radiomode’s Happening At The Party. That’s a great design!

Thanks for the shout-out!

Wow, my first HM! Thanks Woot! This made my day. :slight_smile: