Derby #164 (Prehistoric Art): Honorable Mentions


Cavebots! Woo-hoohoo-hoo!

Very pleased to see Picasso and the Real Artist too. And congrats to all the HMs! This is a great bunch from an evilly tough derby.

Wow, B0tz! I’m surprised to see them here, thanks Woot!

Great line up, lots of my faves from this very peculiar derby ^^. Too many to even call out, so congrats to everyone!

Thanks Woot!

Yay, my favorite Cavebots made it! It’s really cool to see Mammoth Makeover on there too, especially since it didn’t get many votes. Wish Prehistoric Snacks also got picked; it was one of my faves.

Wow, I had no expectation of this! Thanks, Woot!

I really don’t get the omission of Amarillo’s Birth of Venus of Willendorf.


Wow, REALLY cool HM’s. Holla to Kharmazero, sogj, JRWorkshop… Really nice to see some different names appearing, and given a shot at the DT and EC’s.

Thanks to the Woot staffers who deemed the mammoth worthy. Seems my lowest scoring designs are most likely to pick up a HM, so it’s nice to be amongst such esteemed company.

Thanks woot team! just noticed i was in, great!and great comment too ;-))