Derby #165 (Scientific Method): Honorable Mentions

fantastic HM’s Woot! you got all my favs here, glad to see odysseyroc’s in the group as well as lucky and spirit! congrats everyone!

Thanks Woot! I wasn’t aware of rule 34. Now I’m disturbed that my shirt could be taken that way…

Well at least it’d be impossible to apply rule 34 to pi. Right?

Thanks a lot woot! The secret of the gigantic finches is out! I’m going to be kicked out of the Darwin’s Finch Lodge now.

…mutter, mutter.

Oh wow, I did not see midgerock’s in the derby, how did I miss that one?! It’s amazing! I wish the words could be printed on the back though, haha. Great shirt.

Also really glad to see O-roc in here, too. Just give that man an EC now, please.

Grats all!!!

There is a lot diversity in this HM. I like it a lot!

Albert Funkenstein and The Scientific Method! was my fav of this derby.

So happy to see SG’s caterpillar flyer! Wooo! This was a challenging derby, congrats to everyone!

Rule 35.

Yay for “Albert Funkenstein and The Scientific Method” and all the others! But where are “The Price of Progress” and “There’s No Chemistry”?

I’m surprised Test Tube Baby didn’t win! But all of the designs are amazing

STOKED to see odroc and midge get HMs - congrats! And I have to be happy about lucky’s HM, since I really wanted to see a ‘beer goggles’ design for that derby. Coolies!

Hey, cool. Lil’ caterpillar stays aloft with an HM. Thanks Woot.

And congrats to all!

I thank you for the HM, as does the geek community.

Congrats to all the Mentions! really nice selection! :slight_smile:

My mother thanks you. My father thanks you. My sister thanks you. And I thank you

i don’t. hear me out…

now i have to wait until the next double-take to see this design go underappreciated again, and then wait X amount of days more until you get the rights back, then you print it somewhere else, probably in s-xl, maybe a xxl if i’m lucky but not a chance in hell at a 3x most likely (i have crap luck).

but maybe by some stroke of insane luck it’ll print at woot by an EC and i’ll get my 3x. make that two 3x’s. one to wear the **** out of, one for nice.

edit: i just reread that, and i probably sound grumpus, but i’m not. i just want this shirt!

What!?!? You don’t think the 20 or so votes this is bound to get in the double take will be enough to make them give it an EC? That’s crazy talk.

No exceptions.

That was one of the more tame results for the search. BTW, your avatar is the #4 hit for a search on rule 34 pi

What’s the matter with you people??? (The internet, not Darquis). Can’t you leave a mathematical constant to it’s solitary asexual existence?