Derby #166 (Things That Start With the Letter C): Honorable Mentions

Yay, what an awesome group! Lots of my faves are here! Congrats guys!

so—when is the next double-take??

Congrats JRWorkshop, picking up HMs like M+Ms lately. :slight_smile:

Great to see MissKari, Crescent’ and everyone else here. Thanks so much Woot for the mention!

fronnyar, the next double-take will probably be around the end of next month.

Great selection - really good stuff that should have won the blinkin derby. And Woot’s rockin’ the comments this week:

I can’t wait to see what my cat turns into once I unwrap these garbage bags in a month!

We don’t know how it happened, we don’t know how to undo it, but you’re cleaning up after it.

congrats!good picks and some of my faves are here!
what is a double take derby?

Yay, my second HM! Thx, Woot overlords! :smiley:

I was out of the country for this derby and didn’t get to see any of the submissions when they first ran, and I must say this is a very strong selection of designs. Congrats to everyone!

Congrats everyone! A lot of good picks that I liked, especially Spiritgreen’s and JRWorkshop’s.

No Cereal Confrontation? No Cookie Crook Captured? Waaaaaa.

I want the Caterpiller Cat

Awww, I really wanted to see Cat Cone in there… maybe the artist will sub it somewhere else.

These are great designs, but the lack of Cookie Crook Captured is a serious oversight.