Derby #167 (Meme Mashup!): Honorable Mentions

Only six? Aren’t there usually more HMs than that?

I hope to get a chance to buy a Lol Wut a Beautiful Morning shirt sometime in the future.

Yeah, only 6 because they realized that this was a terrible derby! I’m not bashing the artists at ALL because they certainly did try to work around this theme. But the theme was pretty lamesauce. Glad it’s over :smiley: And glad to see lolwut a beautiful morning in here. That one made the theme work for me.

I thought this was a pretty good shirt -

Sad sad.

Lol wut and Ultimate Wisdom were both my favorites of the derby.

Ah bummer, that is a good one, haha. I missed that in the derby. Needless to say, I didn’t really keep a close eye on it, lol

Lolwut is unequivocally the best tee that was up last week, so damn right it should be here. But I’d say boots’ Will It Blend should be here too. Certainly over TWO MORE CATS and a star-wars version of the pixel-thriller tee from two years ago.

Simply put, even with that addition, this list should be far smaller.

Thanks for the amusement and HM woot!

I saw that today and immediately thought the same thing.

Isn’t it enough that we had to endure three days of schlocky-meme shirts?

Oh! Thanks very much Woot!