Derby #168 (Hallowoot! 2010) Honorable Mentions

wow I can’t believe I overlooked wotto’s design! Nice job! I’ll make sure to vote for it in the double-take! :smiley:

Congrats to all the artists! Glad to see Bass and Marzipan here :)!!

Really bummed Drak’s is not here though :frowning:

Megsck’s design is Authentic!

I’m geeking out!!!
My first double-take!
RAWR i r a Bunny.
This is soo cool!

thanks woot! and congrats to all the other artists!

A lot of my favorite designers up here! Great to see these getting HMs and another chance.

Wow! I wasn’t expecting an HM. Thanks Woot!!!:slight_smile:

I don’t understand why Draxxx and CD aren’t here.

Because trademarked monster images are better.

I can’t believe Drakxx’s design didn’t make it. Wow. Unless you’re planning a surprise print of it this week for Hallowoot. Pretty please with sugar on top?

Thanks, Woot, congrats to all the artists. Lots of great ones here! Im more than happy to have Hallowoot year round!

This is a great list. chumpmagic approves… But yes, it is sad to see a lack of Drakxxx and CD on here.

Well crap. Where is the Narwhal and the ‘Unicorn’?

I completely missed RAWR in the derby. Love it!

Thanks woot!! I don’t use to receive many votes, but the HM’s make me keep working :smiley:

Thanks again for all the Halloween support this year evreyone. :slight_smile: The staff has picked some great stuff, and I’m thinking they didn’t give any of our designs a nod because “scary” is par for the course with the stuff I do typically.

Congrats to evreyone here! I really liked a lot of these. :slight_smile:

bummed none of mine got a nod for HM. Oh well. Betta luck next time.

I’m bummed that my favorite designer odysseyroc didn’t make the cut. That guy rocks!

they aren’t…they declined his hallowoot submissions this year, same as last.