Derby #169 (Phobias): Honorable Mentions

Cool to see lucky’s Bronto-Thorus, and congrats to rtofirefly on your first HM!

Yay Cowabungaphobia! I’m voting for that in the next Double-Take for sure.

Yeah, they’re pretty new around here, right? Congrats :)!

Glad to see Patrickspens here, really liked that one :slight_smile: love woot’s description for it too.

Thanks Woot!

Thank you, Woot!

i’ve been meaning to watch monsters inc again and haven’t gotten around to it. thanks for the reminder!

Awesome! Thanks woot. You guys have good taste :slight_smile: Sadly, this will probably get even less votes in the double take, but I am still honored that you picked this pieces. Thanks again!

sweet! looking forward to seeing a bunch of these again. congrats artists!

I’m really looking forward to the next double take derby! Hooray for thatrobert getting an honorable mention :slight_smile:

Ha, Bronto-THOR-us sounds much better. Cheers for the support SG, and thanks for the HM woot. :slight_smile: