Derby #17: Consumerism


I’m pretty sure humans are apes. Does this mean no humans too?


Now let’s not all jump on the pucker bandwagon here just because it appears that’s the only thing left not banned this week.


Well robots would’ve been good this week. There’s always dinosaurs and dragons I guess. Apparently fat ponies aren’t a good idea though.


ten bucks says we get a pac-man eating money shirt. because video games aren’t on the prohibited list.


This topic doesn’t seem all that interesting to me, but I may be suprised.


Thank you for being a responsible parent, woot.


well, duh.


Yes, thank you Woot. Things were getting out of hand there.


I’m sorry. I was a baaad widdle boy.

It is kind of interesting though that woot is essentially telling us that their customer base can’t be trusted to vote for what they actually want to buy, so they need to limit us in our design options.


My design will look like a human, but will really be an android (which is technically a robot). [Evil grin]


Ha ha! But they forgot about dinosaurs and video games. Memedom will reign triumphant!


here’s a good comic strip about those overused memes:



this contest reminds me of the epic tale of the sneetches


I do believe I’ll be back this week (get your voting fingers ready :wink:


Aaaand… I have nothing.

Tough topic.


my 2 yr old was a sneetch for Halloween. hard to fit sneetches into consumerism for me though. ?



good topic, count me in. here comes the stipple pen


I think they’re just trying to ensure variety.