Derby #170 (Fall Colors): Honorable Mentions

First of all, thanks to Woot for this HM. And second, I usually only vote for a small number of designs in each derby, so it´s great to see a lot of them being part of this selection.

congrats to all!

Thankya, Woot! And I love “Acorn’s Repose.”

Looking at all the shirts that have gotten HM’s over the last few weeks, I have to suggest that woot do a second week of Editor’s Choice prints. There is too much I want

Thanks and congrats to everyone!!!

Yes! So glad to see Walmazan, Drakxxx, and Stardamsel here! These were some of my top favorites :slight_smile: Congrats guys, and to all the other artists as well! This derby really turned out some awesome entries.

So glad Rake Break made it. I’m so sad that while my husband got 3 shirts this week - Rake Break didn’t make it…

I just noticed that Leafy Camo made it too - AWESOME!

Super quality, well done everyone. :slight_smile:

Sad to see no Ilovedoodle’s “Falling”.

Other than that, rock solid group of HM’s. Aside from “Falling,” the very best non-prints (DrakXXX, BootsBoots, Stardamsel) made it, as did some nice under-the-radar choices.

Awesome HM’s this week, woot! :smiley: Makes me pine for a week of EC’s.

The dragon! WHERE is the dragon?! That was the only new tee I would have bought in months!

YAAAAY!! Thanks Woot! There were a lot of amazing shirts in this derby:)

thanks boots! a compliment from you is at least twice as honorable…

also, thanks woot!

An amazing group of HM’s, congrats to all!
Thanks woot too!