Derby #171 (Meat): Honorable Mentions

Thanks so much woot:D

Congrats all!

Yay, thanks for remembering my meato’corn Woot!

Congrats to everyone, lots of great shirts here. I expect to see Chainsaw BBQ make a big showing at the next DTD!

haha! man! how about the spicy write-up for ‘mystery meat’?

Ha! I missed Unicorn Steakhouse when it was in voting, but that is awesome!

Thanks Woot!

And congrats to all!


Cool, thanks Woot! Also good job everyone else :slight_smile:

What?! No mutton? Sigh.

I don’t even like Princess Bride and even I think that’s a travesty!

Definitely sub that elsewhere, TJost. It was a great design.

Yeah I know I was kinda bummed too but I’m glad at least one of my 5 got an HM though :slight_smile: I’ll shop it around in 60 days :slight_smile:

Am I the only one who’s noticed the lack of proofreading by the Wootbot lately?

C’mon, guys, spell it rite!

I’m a little confused as to why the shirt with the fourth most votes didn’t make it in the Honorable Mention.

[The Toughest Cuts of Meat


Agreed. Really bummed about that, hoping to see it on another site…:smiley:

So glad to see The Catch and Mystery Meat up there. Those were my favorites this derby! :slight_smile:

Or just sell it as a logo to your local mutton shop.

Really, no MLT? Seriously? Sigh…

Because woot didn’t want to. And while woot certainly makes confusing choices as to what they want to do with HMs at times (this list is certainly no exception), the fourth place shirt has the same exact chance as the last place shirt. Which implicitly means it has as little chance as the last place one, as well.