Derby #172 (Home for the Holidays): Honorable Mentions

Good HM’s, woot.

congrats all!

thanks woot! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

This is OT, but a Woot shirt made it on Food Network!

Not sure who the dude is, but the commercial airs pretty frequently. Congrats to the maker of the shirt…I’m wearing mine right now :slight_smile:

Great HMs! It’s good timing that the double-take is coming so soon. :slight_smile:

Huzzah! Thanks, Woot! :smiley:

Thanks so much for the HM woot!
Congrats everyone - some awesome HMs in here - quite a few of my favorites.

Hooray! So glad to see megsck’s awesomely grumpy turtle here. Nice HM’s, woot :slight_smile:

I love Meg’s entry too. Glad too see it here!

Congrats all!!! Well done :slight_smile:

sweet choices! thanks woot! =) goes back into her shell

Thanks Woot! This double derby is gonna have a lot of great stuff.

“Ridiculous! Why would a whale need a suitcase? What would it possibly have packed in there?!”

Duh. Krill.

So why didn’t the Last Flight Home print when it placed ahead of the two little squirrels?

It didn’t place in the top 3.

Yes for most of these HM’s! I stumbled upon woot a few weeks ago and have been hooked ever since. I hadn’t wooted before this derby was over and was unable to vote on many of these (my favorite) designs! I since have wooted and am looking forward to voting for some of these designs in the HM derby!

Woot, good job on these HM’s, but surprised “warm by the fire” and a few others in the top 10 weren’t included.

Neither did the Squirrels.

Thanks for the HM! I’m glad to see all of Star’s bunnies here too.

Which is why they didn’t print either…