Derby #174 (Crosshatch): Honorable Mentions

Thanks for the love, Woot!

Thanks Woot! Can’t wait to vote for these (again) in a few months!!

Thanks for the nod woot! (And lol to the video - new dance!!!)

Congrats all! I remember thinking during the crosshatch derby that there were a LOT of really quality designs going on - and it shows in the number of HMs.

All great, but krisrobinson’s is my favorite. Congrats all!

I also love Kris’s deer. There’s so many great ones here. I had no idea that derby would produce soooo much great stuff. Glad the staff also thought so! Congrats all!

I have to say that it was definitely one of my favorite in the past many, many months. Really good work was turned out all around.




Easily the best derby I’ve witnessed since I started buying shirts here about 18 months ago.

I want to buy “Muahahahaha!” so bad. Good luck in the double-take, Boots!

Thanks, woot! Glad to see the golem brought to life (again).

Wow our first HM! Thanks Woot its much appreciated!

Thanks! And by the way, I hope to see Nobody’s Perfect get printed this week. Muahahahaha!

lovin’ that woot love… Thank you!

Oh man…I only just now noticed that KrisRobinson’s design was based on a Mumford & Sons song. I freakin’ love them. I really want that shirt now.

Nice! Thanks for the mention guys! I too would love to see more derbies of this nature.

Thanks for the HM Woot! Lots of quality designs from this derby.

Spectacular crop of HMs from the best derby in a long, long time. I hope to see some more of these print.