Derby #176 (Famous Movie Quotes Reinterpreted): Honorable Mentions

Thanks Woot! Congrats all!

Wow! My very first Honorable Mention! Thanks so much, woot. Congrats to everyone. There are some awesome designs here that I still hope to own!

Congrats for all the mentions! great selection!

Why do you hate Draxxx, Woot?

Some definite favorites here! Great bunch.


All I need is one day to buy little purple squiddy guy and he’s ALL MINE.

Thanks, woot! Only my second HM… and I’m very very honored to be among such great artists in this week.

Say hello to my lil friend!!!

This is going to sound like I’m trolling, but I’m honestly not. It’s a genuine question I have but I don’t know how to ask it without seeming mean.

People hate on ramyb a lot for various reasons, one of which is “you do the same thing over and over. Cute bunnies, dead eyes, shiny thing. Repeat.” But looking over Drakxxx’s submissions, he does the same thing over and over too: there’s always a wispy smoke or plant or hillside made up of smaller things that winds around eventually forming a larger base for a figure, usually a woman, with some “dark and angsty” coloring. It almost always depicts multiple scenes, or multiple stages of a greater narrative.

I don’t like ramyb and I’m certainly not defending him, but why does Drakxxx get the pass? I’m not arguing that they’re necessarily BAD designs, but I could pick one of his shirts out from a million miles away because it’s the same as every other one he does.