Derby #178 (Mid-Century Modern DESIGN) Honorable Mentions

Glad to see such an incredibly deserving design (time traveler) get the nod even if it might not have been in the top 20

There was a lot of good work in this derby in general, because people had to be inspired by something, not just take a dump on Illustrator.

That all being said, the only one with even half a chance of printing next time is Lost and Found, despite being one of the worst tees here. People can only wrap their heads around designs if they’re ungodly twee and have some form of easy-to-recognize-but-probably-not-overly-cogent story to them.

Thanks for the mention, woot!

Thanks Woot. That derby had a ton of designs that I personally liked, so this is an honor.

Wow, awesome list of HMs! Congrats all! I will be hoping for these to do well in the next DT!

Thank you for the HM woot!

Blood Bath wuz robbed. Otherwise, some very good designs here.

Thanks woot!

Belated - thank you woot!