Derby #181 (Mazes and Labyrinths): Honorable Mentions

Great choices, Woot!

The writers have gone a bit negative these days! Maybe they has a S.A.D.

Yes, Guardians is there.

Lots of awesome choices (and an HM nod to me too, thanks so much Woot!).

Excellent selection of honorable mentions! The next double take derby is going to be crazy. A lot of people are going to glad to see Guardians again.

I still cannot believe that Guardians of the Labyrinth did not print. I thought it was a lock.

Admittedly I’m useless at predicting the results, but I thought Guardians would be first too (or at least second to Rise of the Goblin King).

It looks like a lot of us will try not to let Guardians slip through again come next double-take. Thanks for the HM on Forbidden Fruit all-seeing eye of Woot. My best result for a design yet.