Derby #182 (Fire): Honorable Mentions

Good job not selecting Edgar. :frowning:

Dude doesn’t have to get a HM every time he puts pen to paper… it was a relatively weak design, all things considered. He’s done much, much better and there were some really nice designs last week.

Yeah, I’m there. I wasn’t wild about the designs in the Fire derby, but Edgar’s was also not his best this week.

Thanks Woot!

Yay! Thanks for the mention! and congrats all of them! awesome ones!

thanks woot!

Crushed not to see Walmazan’s “God of Fire” on this list. I’d have traded my left nut for that shirt …

Great. Except that wasn’t my argument. I think he deserved an HM this week for “Yes!” this week because the design merited it.

I don’t think there was anything, relative or otherwise, weak about Edgar’s design. It wasn’t a stunning work of art like some of his past works, but it was funny and rather wonderful in its own right, everything considered. I’d take it over any of this week’s HMs, save Walmazan’s. Throw in that Edgar doesn’t submit designs that often, and yeah, I’m kind of annoyed that he didn’t get an HM this week.

Thanks Woot! Lots of great designs in there.

Oops. Double post.

Please print Evel. Thank you.

So can we buy these somehow??

All of the designs that received HMs are automatically entered in the double take derby. Top three vote getters from that derby will be printed. The week after the double take derby woot prints 4 additional shirts from the derby as editor’s choice. So you’ll have to wait around and see what happens if you want to buy any of these designs.

Excellent group of HMs - the next double take derby is going to be crazy.

Careful, them’s fightin words.

Oh wow, I didn’t expect to see my lovable arsonist here, thanks very much Woot! Congrats everyone. :^)

Isn’t tjost on staff now? If so, how can staff pick staff for HM?

I think you mean TGentry. Unless Woot is on a hiring spree…

Nice to see Firefly and the Hot Peppers make the list. I was also hoping for the Aurora, which was cool and colorful.

“We’ll keep these on the back burner (ha!) until our next Double-Take Derby…”