Derby #183 (The Stars): Honorable Mentions

Congrats to Geekfactor! I thought that was a clever idea and well executed… others were great too, but that one stood out, as did the dancing constellation one.

Thanks, woot! And thanks, Kaseyfleming for the awesome collab.

Congrats to all HMers!

Yes, congrats to all! nice pics!

Sweet lineup! I can’t pick a favorite. :slight_smile:

I’ll go ahead and start this now:

EC for Star Power! (or a win, I’m not picky!)

WOW! Thanks Woot! This is my first HM, and I’m pretty happy about it. Although, honestly, when I saw the email, I expected it to be my other design…:slight_smile:

Lots of great designs here! Would have liked to see Balloon Race again too.

Star Power kicks copious amounts of ass. I hope it prints in the not too distant future.

Also glad to see Kharmazero’s and Zosai’s designs. :slight_smile:

I’m disappoint odysseyroc’s balloon design didn’t make it into the HMs : ( I guess that just means it will get printed else were that much faster.


oh !thanks a lot! i just saw i was in ! that’s great! Congrats to my fellow desiners too;-)

Thanks Woot team! I am very honored for this selection.And wanted to say , always a pleasure to read your comments.Sometimes a little bit difficult for a french guy to get all the thin and subbtle things, but i’m always like hehehehe these guys are…


Thanks SkekTek and Woot!

Thanks woot!!! and a super star powered thanks to robbie for doing the colab with me!!!