Derby #184 (India): Honorable Mentions

thanks woot!

Thanks for the ratty love, Woot!

Thank you!! I appreciate the HM. -;] (And, yeah, don’t you dare call it a waterlilly. Because, you know. They don’t look anything alike. >_>;:wink:

Thank you woot!

Some of my favorites in here - great picks. Congrats all!

There were two of these shirts I really wanted to wear: Matahari and Heaven Above, Earth Below (Or: Lotus). When will the next Double Take Derby be, and how often are they held?

Should be the week after next ^^. (EDIT: woops, looks like we have quite a while yet, about 4 weeks?)

Na, it should be soon. Around 11-13 weeks it seems… at least since I have been here. I assume this week or next week at the latest. There was one really short HM list this round so maybe next week. Who knows for sure, but it should be soon unless they break their pattern.

I believe it’s every 14th derby. So, last one was 175, next will be 189. Still a ways out…

Very good HMs, methinks!

A quick question, if anyone knows: When it comes to the extension on the Woot evaluation period, when does that period begin? Is it 180 days from the original submission date, or 180 days from the notification via email? Thanks to anyone who can lend me the answer. -:]

btw, i’ll be needing that answer back in 3 days.

Wow thanks a lot woot!! , congrats to all , sure theres a couple i would love to buy!


HELPFUL. That’s what you are. Thanks for pointing that out; I was having trouble finding a thread about it. -:]

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I’ve had to place the answer under quarantine, so I can’t promise it’ll be back in three days. The government will be contacting you soon with more information, but I wouldn’t expect it back any time soon.