Derby #185 (Things That Start with the Letter T): Honorable Mentions

Awesome! Thanks woot :slight_smile: I am glad you are giving this wonderful little guy a second chance :slight_smile:


Congrats all of you! great pics especially Toucan! I wan it!

Lots of good picks here!

Awww, sad to not see the turtle tree here, but this lineup is great. I was completely sad to miss Toucan, so I will root for it in the double take. Great picks, Woot!

Thanks a lot woot!! (o; , congrats to all , great designs!!

sweet, thanks wootlord! congrats to all the artists! :slight_smile:

No Toast and Tea :frowning:

A good range of choices from Woot, and I’m not just talking about the inclusion of mine. Thanks for the HM, and here’s hoping I can spend the proceeds on a Toucan T.

TIKI was my favorite from the derby. Glad to see it here. Congrats!

Woohoo, toast! Thanks Woot. Awesome line-up this week.

Aw, well thanks for missing it. I was actually hoping more for an HM for one of my other designs last derby, but oh well.

Some great picks in here… especially glad to see Toucan is getting another chance - I want it, and I thought that was going to print for sure! (and so close, only 7 votes away I think?) Congrats all!

Sweet list of HM’s! (Tiki is my personal fav!) Thanks woot too.