Derby #186 (Oddball): Honorable Mentions

Great picks! I really liked quite a few in here. Congrats everyone!

Nice picks! There is actually three design here I would love to see place in the next double take!

Congrats to all the artist.

Dear Robbie and Edgar:

Please, for all that is holy, both win the next Double Takes.

Editors: if they do not win the Double Take, you sure as sugar better sell them anyway.

Thanks woot!

Really good choices woot

If “You Weren’t Invited” does not make it in the double take, I seriously can not express how much my previous threat of pooping grenades will not do my displeasure justice THIS time. GO GO GO, DOOOMCAT!

Thanks Woot. If the designs didn’t quite fit in, but were chosen for HM’s, are they still oddballs?

Lots of entries that I loved. Nice picks, Woot!

A lot of good choices.

I loved The Smart Cookie. I hope it prints someday.

That was the ONE shirt I wanted to buy from this derby!! What is this Double Take Derby, and when will it be?

Thanks Woot!

The derby after the next one, I think. Honorable mentions will be put up for voting again, top 3 will print plus a few editor’s choices (usually 4 but sometimes more).

yes! All of my favorites got HM :smiley: Hope they print in the double take so that I can add them to my ever expanding collection of woot shirts (I need to start keeping a record of the ones I have)