Derby #187 (Retro Audio: Records, Tapes, and CDs): Honorable Mentions

Nice to see Two Turntables and a Gramaphone get the nod. Congrats all!

These shirts are amazing. I hope we can buy some of them some time soon. I do like how the one shirt has a tape attacking an iPod.

Thank god odroc got an HM this time.

Indeed… I would of had to be all full of rage and spite if not.

Disappointed Born from a Boombox didn’t make it too.

Both excellent shirts. Now I just need to wait for the next double take.


Thanks Woot! All great choices, congrats to the HMs.

Thanks Woot!

I really dig the Jurassic Park reference for Ancient Artifact. You get me, Woot, you really get me.

Congrats, all! All those “You Spin Me Round” references make me need to pull up Dope’s great cover on my phone for a listen.