Derby #19: Travel



Okay…going to have to get the old brain working again…see you all tomorrow!


Bon voyage!


Interesting… I’ll have to sketch some things out this time…


Wow, how similar to the time one. Will we see some resubmits?
EDIT: NM, I was silly read it wrong. Sounds pretty cool, actually.


you know what you get when you get home after travelling?



Ok, now I expect two Puckers because the first one is too easy.


Meh… we’ll see if something comes to me in a flash, but all i got now is a Bill Keene Family Circus dashed line image…


Would this mean that a shirt covered in travel stickers (the kind you put on suitcases) from Dante’s nine circles of hell is out of the question?

/that idea’s been kicking around in my head for ages now, and this would appear to be the right time to do it, but now i’m not sure


This sounds like a neat topic. I can’t wait to see the designs that come out of this


Maybe Cho’s Dinosaur can be re-entered? It was so popular in the time-travel souvenir derby, but was submitted late if I remember correctly.


Hmm I don’t know if time travel is the kind of travel they are looking for…that theme has been done. Maybe if he was strapped to the luggage rack of a VW Bug or something instead. hah


I’m a bit confused on this one, could I do say… traveling to an exotic location?

Like the wonders of travel… I don’t really want to reveal my idea.

I wish there was some way you could run your idea by them, and see what they think in terms whether it would pass for the theme.


Uh oh… Gears are turning… grinding… smoking… burning out… i didnt need sleep tonight anyway…


Don’t know why, but I can’t get Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” out of my head. Must be something in the description that just made that book stick in my head.



I take this

show us your visual commentary on travel’s trials and triumphs.

and this

we’re talking travel as a concept, a process, a section in the Sunday paper.

as the two most important theme-related requirements.

Do you agree…I really don’t want another rejected entry. My wonderland tee and Patterned along the diagonal were upsetting enough. :o)


I actually have an idea for this one! Simple concept…goes to work


Blah - did they just add that no maps thing?? Whats that supposed to mean?? no cartographical information at all?


Leave it to kenny to find a place for those damn puckers L O L


do it anyway… what could it hurt? I mean the idea perhaps translated upon a suitcase would probably fit just fine

perhaps with a note about wanting a hell of a good time