Derby #190 (Magic): Honorable Mentions

I’m relieved grimoire and beard magic got HM’s though I’ll probably just be disappointed again come double take time. :frowning:

rabble rabble

I think beard magic would’ve made it if it had been up sooner, so I’m hoping for a Meg win in the double-take.

And thanks very much for the HM on my mouse trick, Woot!

I kind of want to know how THE WEASEL AND THE OWL did not make it in to the Honorable mentions. I though it was pretty good.
That being said I do see beard might of made it if it was in the race sooner.

Okay, I’ll admit to being a dunce. What the heck is the trickstynine reference? Google only kept bringing me back to this page.

Awww, that’s adorable; sometimes I wish I knew what it was like to have a clean mind.

trickstynine --> pun on sixty-nine --> look at the position the rabbits are in --> think of private actions involving two people that might be related to the number 69’s potential for pictography --> I just explained away any possible humour the pun may have contained at some point in time through its previous existence by allusion --> words words words words words.

It’s a 69 with magic tricks, he probably knows what 69 is and just didn’t get the odd word combination of trickstynine… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey there, Mr I’m-So-Nice-and-Polite-Unlike-The-Volmod-the-Explainer! I see your words are wordy but all I’m reading is “blah blah blah blah blah.” Hmph.

Why didn’t Ramyb’s “Wrong Rabbit” get an HM. I LOVE that design especially since I rescue rabbits. Ive had a couple that consistently drew blood. I really related to that design. :(. So sad

Congrats to all the HM, and best of luck in the double take derby.

So bummed I didn’t get to buy a “Beard Magic” shirt this weekend. Hopefully I get a chance to buy it in a double-take derby, because I’ve got $30.00 with “Beard Magic’s” name on it just waiting to buy a shirt for myself, and my two bearded brothers. Plus I think it was better than that wizard party shirt. Personal Bias notwithstanding, I’m crossing my fingers for “Beard Magic” in a round 2 effort.

It’s not that great of a design, plus it’s not very unique among Ramy designs… Just another grim reaper and another rabbit.

Congrats to the people that DID get honorable mentions! It’s too bad the weekend prints didn’t get picked from THIS list. I’m really rooting for Magik next derby.

So far my picks for derby prints / Editor’s choice are Two Turntables and a Grammaphone and Magik. Looking forward to seeing what else comes from the next couple of derbys.

Fear not, noble volmod… overexplanation is something I often struggle with myself. I feel your pain! :wink:

I would prefer to write it as tricksty-nine (trickstey?) to make it (a little) clearer.


THANKS WOOT!!:slight_smile: nice HM’s this week