Derby #191 (Robots Save the World): Honorable Mentions

Thanks for the nod, Woot!
And congrats to all other pics; it looks like Woot was pleased with the fog!

You gave an HM to a shirt that printed? You couldn’t find one other shirt that was deserving of recognition but didn’t get any?

One of the side effects of getting HM’s up as soon as possible and trying to do something fun at the very last minute is that there was some overlap. Let me see if we can get an extra HM up as that’s a fairly valid point.

Thanks woot staff! :slight_smile:

Seriously though, has there ever been a shirt that printed that also got a chance to print again in a later derby? Seems a bit unprecedented to me.

It appears that Mirai is still for sale, even though it was supposed to be a weekend-only event.

I think the side sale was unprecedented, so no, probably not. However due to concessions made by the artist to get it printed in such a unconventional manner, and seeing as we want our chance to name our favorites (and it’s definitely one of our favorites), the HM remains, plus we added DianaSprinkle’s excellent Peace design. May it inspire us to live up to higher ideals in the Woot forums.

well there is a chance Rotation and Alien vs Robot will still get printed. I do not have high hopes of it though.

You win this one, good sir, but I will be back. :slight_smile:

Oh wow, Thanks so much!

Edit: Wow it looks like the whole rest of the fog got HM’s for this derby.

Many thanks for the shoutout, Woot old bean! Much obliged. A really rather marvellous selection of designs all round, I’d say.

Such a good derby. So many good entries, and I am not even a robot fanatic.

Grats to all the HMs

Dear Woot,
Can you please print another weekend round of winners? There are just too many solid designs that need to become shirts.
fishbiscuit xoxo

I am also of the opinion that it’s a waste of great art to not print a design just because it didn’t win a derby. Woot has the 60 day hold anyway, and while the designs “may” win in the double take, it makes more sense to take the guesswork out of it for the designs that clearly deserve a shot to be a print. The 4 ECS just doesn’t do it, especially since the ECs tend to try to vary up the styles.

I heard a while back that it was because people expect burnout after 3 days of the same theme, but they can always be printed a couple weeks later instead. There’s no reason they’d have to be printed immediately after the derby is over. Besides, the difference between what would be an EC and what would be a derby winner would be so substantial that it’s unlikely they’d attract the same buyers.

I found these two pennies on the floor and I decided I’d bring them to this woot forum.

Thanks for the free t-shirt Woot!

I agree 100%. So many great designs get close to printing every derby, then either fall to the wayside or end up selling on one of the many other sites many months to a year later. Personally, I’d be hard pressed not to buy Diana’s dove robot, despite the fact that I already own a seemingly disproportionate amount of asphalt shirts. It really is a wonderful design.

Thanks for the HM, Woot!

Great line-up. Congratulations Robot Makers. :slight_smile:

Well done to all who garnered a HM. Woot really picked up some good variety on this one.