Derby #192 (Woodcuts): Honorable Mentions

Well I am glad Deception at least got some love here, that was a very unique and awesome looking shirt. I’ll vote for it again.

really “surprised” surprise didn’t print! That design was amazing! glad it got an HM!

THANKS! and thanks to the woot staff as well! XD

Now we’re over the weekend which gets muddied by some voting process let’s start again and choose the top three out of this fine selection. There are some great designs that are too good to be overlooked for printing.

Really glad to see TYH’s there, for one. It was certainly overlooked in the derby.

Thanks so much for the second chance for my Mexican Bunny Bandit, Woot!

Wow, all my favs are on this list… then I see me on there squee!. Thank you for making my day by placing me in the ranks of some of Woot’s best illustrators.

I would like to once again state that I feel Gallows Humor captured the look and spirit of this derby better than any other design that was submitted. It’s still a real shame that it didn’t print, but I’m glad it was at least acknowledged with an HM.

Agreed, great stuff Walmazan.


Surprise is Awesome! It really conveys the classical wood cut feeling. AND when I look at it I think the guy in the middle is a Ghostbuster. Win win.

Man, another week where I like the Honorable Mentions more than the derby winners.


Especially Gallows Humor and Suprise!!!

Next double take derby is going to be tough.

Some great picks. There were many in this bunch I didn’t get a chance to comment on that I really like - in particular TYH and grrlmarvel’s - I meant to comment!

Many other ones I like in here too - congrats all!