Derby #193 (Catchy Slogans for Everyday Products): Honorable Mentions

I totally missed grrlmarvel’s design until now! Very cool, I’ll be sure to vote in the double-take.

I really loved lucky’s shirt in particular too. Would totally have bought one this week.

Congrats to all these deserving HMs.

Thanks Woot!

Thanks Woot!

I feel like Sally Field… you like me, you really really like me.

And what company to be in!

Good job oddrock and walzaman…

A sombrero filled with cheese? What’s going on? Why haven’t I thought of this before. I’ll be back, there’s a quick trip to the store that I have to make…

the queso…she calls to me.

nice colors on creme. good work!

nice group of picks, woot

My precious Raisins ;_;. You will come back to me…won’t you???

Boots, Oroc, and dreadwood: That about sums it up for the good stuff in this derby!

Thanks for the HM!

I’m hoping that Walmazan or Uniique print in the next double take.

None of my favorites printed so I was sad panda. But here they all are!

I especially really need ‘Soap’. First fairly warm day here in NYC and already had a commute ruined by some fellow straphanger’s funk.

Thanks for the HM woot. Cheers Spiritgreen. :slight_smile: