Derby #194 (Science Fair): Honorable Mentions

I really wanted (Science)-(Fiction)=:(

I’m glad to see it at least got an honorable mention.

All great HMs. I am hoping to see the Color Solution Print sometime. But all of them rock. Nice work designers!

Thanks Woot, and congrats all!

I nominate this Honorable Mention write-up for an Honorable Mention Write-up Honorable Mention.

Thanks for the mention!!

Anythinggoes, where did you come from? That’s one awesome design.

Yeah anythinggoes did an awesome job.

Both his/hers and kasey’s were truly underrated in that derby. It made me all sadface and whatnot… they should have done a lot better. Glad to see they both got HMs though!

XD thanks!!! and thanks to the woot staff!!! pretty good round of HM’s, looking forward to the next double take!

Well done everyone!

I’d really love to be able to buy FatMouse’s design, hopefully that’ll get printed

Wooohooo!! Thank you very much guys :smiley:

I second this nomination. Too bad we don’t have a “best comments” section…well, I guess the quality post points count.

Thanks for the HM woot!

This made me laugh so hard that I’m crying :’)