Derby #195 (Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!): Honorable Mentions

“Someone make this into a glass filled with a margarita and TAKE OUR MONEY!”


Great to see grrlmarvel’s HM materialize as it should. :slight_smile: Excellent line-up this week.

Disappointed KaseyFleming didn’t get a HM.

(Edited as to not sound as mean to Jlegos)

I concur. His design was the best of the whole derby. Lovely mesh of the theme with elegance and reality missing from so many woot designs. Dare say genius. Too bad woot didn’t appreciate it.

Yay for HM’s! Thanks, Woot! :smiley:

Agree also. I was really thrown by the voting for this Derby - IMO the top designs were “Snack” and “Brainbows”. At least one got an HM.
The low sales for the Saturday and Sunday designs makes me wonder if more voters than usual were casting negative ballots. IOW, voting for designs they did not intend to buy to keep something they though was disgusting from winning.

I agree as well. Kasey has been tearing it up lately in my opinion.

To me, that design was very artsy. I saw the zombie as innocent, doing what it takes to survive (no different than a human eating the meat of an animal). And on top of that, it was a kid, a sweet little girl, tugging on the freshly harvested brain as if she is somewhat playing with her food and a little hesitant to consume the meal in front of her. That pretty deep in my opinion, and provides a new way to look at zombies.

There was a lot meaning in that piece to walk away with, and I don’t think there is a wrong interpretation. I wish more thoughtful, beautiful stuff like this would get recognition here… but then again, the people who select HM’s are usually good about at least getting one per round (a lot better than the voters usually), so I hold no grudge with them.

Awesome, my first HM! Thanks. There were so many amazing entries into this comp… I didn’t even expect this. :slight_smile:

If enough people agree, does KaseyFleming get a “The People’s HM?”

Wow! Thanks for your support guys! Honorable mention or not it’s awesome to get feedback like this!

That’s an excellent idea. I really like that.

Ahhh thanks! It’s awesome that Woot realizes my true driving passion is tequila drinks.

Was just going to say how happy I am to see yours up there!

Congrats all! Lots of cool zombies to ‘come back from the dead’ and see us next DTD!

The Draxxx HM goes to Kasey, for what it’s worth.

Pretty nice crop of HMs this time. Glad to see Braaaainbows, Barrel of Zombies, Day of the BRAAAAAAAAAAINS, and Zombie in Space in there. I’d happily plunk down my cash on any of those.

If only Woot knew some website where they could, say, put up a special limited edition item related to the consumption of alcohol. But where the hell would such a site exist on this wild and crazy internet?

(I love shot glasses, a monthly woot-original shot glass on wine woot would be something I could seriously get behind.)

I like to think maybe Woot was trying to do Kasey a favour. They know the shirt is too good to win a derby print here, given the prevailing taste of the masses. Rather than extending the hold on the design through the next double-take, perhaps it means Kasey can take this shirt somewhere where it will be appreciated just a little bit sooner? (Wishful thinking, on my part?)

Boo. None of my votes made it to HMs this week. You’ve doused what little hope I had for the next Double Take Derby.

Woooo, thanks for the HM woot! I think I may have some strange attraction to odd recycle symbols.