Derby #196 (Amusement Parks): Honorable Mentions

Aw man, couldn’t you have given the HM to Lucky’s text version? That will do a lot better 2nd time around. It’s not like you haven’t given HMs to rejected shirts before…

EDIT: I guess it’s too late since Lucky removed the previous version. :frowning:

I am really honored to be presented with a Honorable Mention by Woot! It’s really neat having my name posted up here with these great artists. Great job everyone and thanks Woot!

P.S. Please remember to visit the derby and check out my current work “King Me” :slight_smile:

Sweet! Another potential Oddrock shirt.

I think that’s 2 or 3 for the next double take.

Good job others… pretty good selections for the HMs.

I think it’s tragic that “The Red Barron’s First Flight” didn’t get printed… really an outstanding shirt.

Hopefully do well in the Double-take.

Thank you, woot!

Such great HMs! Congrats everyone!

Wahoo! thanks woot! Congrats everyone

thanks wootlords! i’ll take this as your present to me for my birthday! =)

congrats to all the hm’s!

I’ll be voting for you in double take lady!

Glad to see Boots’, Drakxx/CD, and chumpmagic’s work in the HM. I’m sad none of those printed, so I’m crossing my fingers on the Double Take.

2.5 since this one was a collaboration with SeedUvPain…well 2.75, since I’m obviously carrying him, like a brown-bag lunch.

I think am I offended. Mr. OdRoc, sir, is it alright to be offended?

Hey hey, thanks Woot!

Great line-up. ^____^

You should probably be a little offended, but ultimately glad that you got to work with a true master (of eating tacos).

Thank you grrlmarvel. Your entry into the derby hasn’t been forgotten about either :slight_smile:

Congrats to all the HMs! There are a lot of great shirts here. Especially glad to see Chumpmagic and Drakxxx:)

aw, I wish the D-I-Y-sneyland made it. I really liked that shirt.

Thank you Woot staff!

Something for everyone in these HM’s, unless you don’t like amusement parks. Happy birthday Meg! Hopefully woot will send you a personalised t-shirt that reads ‘I visited shirt.woot on my birthday and all I got was an Honorable Mention.’