Derby #197 (Royalty): Honorable Mentions

Wow. Really great HMs… glad to see a lot of my favs in this list. Congrats artists!

thanks for the hm! :slight_smile:

Great crop of HMs. All these emblem designs are making me itch for a Heraldry Derby. Whaddya say, Woot?

I think I voted for at least half of these
Some mighty fine work here

Congratulations to all the honorable entries. I like many of them but I must say my favorites (in no particular order) are Regicide by Naolito,
Royally Screw’d by midgerock, & Goodbye, My Kingdom by littleclyde. Great job to all!

aw, thanks woot!

You deserve it! =o)

Appreciate the HM amongst this nicely varied mix. Thanks woot editors!

Love your design so much. So very, very much.