Derby #198 (Shirt Titles Reinterpreted): Honorable Mentions

nice crop of HM’s. Really hope that radiomodes gets a print.

Thanks, guys! :smiley:

Yay! thanks guys

+1 post-derby vote for Edgar’s, since I somehow overlooked it before.

Pretty good batch of HMs.

I’m not usually a fan of edgar shirts… I really like the one that got HM’d though.

I WOULD rant about [link=]Spicy Meal[/link]'s lack of a HM but I guess since he DID win and all I’ll go easy on you. (This time)

RIP doOomcat’s cuteness puking monster, I really loved that fella… :frowning:

Glad to see Deep Blue Death Squad made it, that was a really cool shirt that just didn’t get enough love this week. I’d love to own it.

I would seriously buy four, maybe five of these.

Congrats artists!

Congrats all the artist! Awesome pics!

congrats all!

I was kind of hoping woot would rename these like they did with the 3 that printed. I thought they did a good job with that. Oh well…

Congrats all!

Thanks a lot woot and congrats to all!! , good luck!