Derby #199 (Cyberpunk): Honorable Mentions

Boots’ design should be here

thanks for the honorable mention but surprised the “kitty” design was selected over the other “hardware” design which rcv’d more votes and comments. Thank you none the less! :slight_smile:

Yay! thanks so much for the mention! and congrats to all! nice pics!

Hey now, thanks for the Honorable Mention!

There can only be one(bunny)!

Some really great HMs… glad to see some of my favorites in there!

The woot bot might be being snarky about staying on theme… =D

I’ll note that it would have been nice to have links to examples of Cyberpunk in the write up(instead of links to things they didn’t want). Might have given some of us a base to start from…

Also research? tsk.

You mean like the part where we said to check out stuff like Aliens, Blade Runner, Neuromancer, GURPS, and System Shock?

There were words? I just clicked on the links with pretty pictures then saw that I wasn’t supposed to draw a Lady Gaga extra and I was sad.

It’s still your fault! Shut up and take it! Why wont you just take it?

OMG - I just snorted pop out my nose. Thanks Diana.

Thanks a lot for the mention woot and congrats to all, glad to see at least two or three I really want, kind of surprised to see mine inhere! (o;

That is one good looking group! Great job everyone. I’m excited to vote on some of these again in the next double take.