Derby #20: Create Your Own Holiday

Monkey/Pirate/Ninja Appreciation Day!

Wahoo! This should be an interesting one!

Sounds cool!

what is festivus?

I think it’s Seinfeld related. I won’t bother looking it up, since I’m sure someone will tell us real soon…

I celebrate my own holiday already, and I just know everyone else will want to, too, after learning what it is!

Sadly, it does not involve my favorite derby theme.

From Seinfield

For heaven’s sake no.

If Festivus is not usable, does that mean International Seinfeld Wasn’t Really That Funny Day is out too?

Oh no. I may have to sit this dery out as I can already see where the popularity votes will land. :slight_smile: But, I’m going to go buy a can of creative juice and see what happens!

More specificaly, what do I have to stay away from to NOT get rejectioneringerated for being too festivus, or festivus inspired?

Everyday a holiday. Hmm. That’s about as much fun as an un-birthday…

So if it’s “Create Your Own Holiday” then all existing fake holidays are exluded right?

They already axed Festivus, but I think we’ll see a lot of Chritmakwanzukka, Steak & You Know Day, Talk Like A Pirate Day, Masturbate For Peace Day… you get the idea.

Festivus was on Seinfeld. groan basically don’t make a shirt about a holiday made up for a show or movie already. Be creative and make your own holiday…


how many times are we going to have a “EVERY HOLIDAY HOLIDAY” Shirt?

SEriously… my own personal holiday would not be suitable for a woor derby… i’m not sure i could even make that “R” rated…

Do they have to be not real holidays? Cause there are some really cool fake holidays that have become pop-culture

You know Pat, the “Seven Women for Pat Day” is just a tad TOO personal. L O L

What people will have to remember is that the shirt needs to speak to everyone yet be a totally new and fresh holiday that tugs at us enough to wear it.

I have a couple ideas. I just hope they aren’t taken by the time I can upload them.

Now, this does pose an interesting question . . . Can you do ones such as National Prank a Bum day . . . lol mean but come on who hasn’t wanted to tell a hitchhiker “throw your stuff in the back.” and then as he walks back up you drive off. lol

Could we get a stipulation to disallow designs that simply create a shirt for ANY fake holiday that someone else created?

For example:

Weasel Stomping Day - created by Weird Al
First Contact Day - Star Trek holiday
Great Swap Meet - Star Wars holiday
Freedom Day - Futurama holiday
Winter-een-mas - CTRL-ALT-DEL holiday

plus many more. I would think this derby to be as much about creating a holiday as it is about designing a shirt for it.