Derby #20: Create Your Own Holiday

What a crap attitude.

Well of all of your selections, your last one probably puts forth the best information against what I just said. But to that end, I find it amusing that the people who post there and site cannon law as well as quote from the bible need to remember that the bible sites nothing in there to demand our eating of fish on the Friday (regardless of who died for our sins) And I might add, I had family who caught and transported fish for quite a long time before they immigrated from Italy to the US. Now they have been doing this for generations and the only information that I can use for proof is the information handed down to me for years from my mother, grand mother and great grand mother. Other than that, I have no proof to support my reason.

Although I highly doubt my 3 generations of family members would lie to me.

I agree.

X gets the square, Jim!

I am in no way questioning your veracity. I was just wondering where your info came from. I pointed out, hopefully, that I wasn’t certain of my sources. They looked like usual web drivel. I have added the ship info to my very small knowledge of the issue. It is something that has intrigued me for a long time. I remember watching a movie, Father Brown I think, in which a detective (Father Brown) uses the not eating of fish as a clue. I must have seen that movie when I was in elementary school, and that fact stuck with me since then. I have not actively looked for info, but it just popped in my head.

Similarly, I am interested in vegetarians who eat fish. I just like to know the reasons. I am certainly not judging them.

Aren’t they Catholic though?


I honestly appreciate the sharing of that knowledge. I have very little of it.

cute. insert sarcastic eye roll

That’s clever and well presented. I wish more people would catch the reference.

All this derby has done for me is bum me out because I kind of hoped people were less idiotic. White Pride and Straight Pride are knee-jerk reactions to their counterparts. Being gay/black/any minority overcoming adversities and not feeling ashamed to be gay/black/any minority = pride. What obstacles did you have to overcome by being white or straight?

Or you could keep telling yourself that it’s reverse racism.

Constructive criticism, anyone? :slight_smile:

Hi folks,

Please consider giving a +1 to the non-denominational spider design:

Nice idea, though I probably would have worked to make the tooth roots a litte more realistic. Good luck with it!

The dyslexia one, currently in the fog, is on that front, too. I have worked with several kids for whom dyslexia was no laughing matter. Things about which individuals have no choice such as race, orientation, disability are (in my opinion) poor taste for competition or humor.

I doubt an amputee awareness day or a Down’s syndrome day would pass. Why dyslexia?

There are some very entertaining designs out there, though.

isn’t that disproportional to the 16x20 area they delineate?

For those who remember the Titans, it is great. The helmet seems to fade into the background being a similar or same color.

Actually, on the template, it fits in the delineated box. Guess it looks a bit bigger top to bottom on the 600px version…

I “Remember the Titans,” but I still wouldn’t buy a shirt for Titan Remembrance Day.

Could have made a cuter joke had it been Spartan remembrance day with the helm, but I probably wouldn’t buy that either because that was done to death.

That’s just my feeling on it, Allawayr

hmmm I don’t know Skek, the design is too big IMHO. Between that and the additional text, it’s way too boxy a design for me to fall in love with it.

Amen Jack. All those who bemoan the lack of “art” on woot shirts might want to test the waters at threadless and DBH.

Thanks! Yeah…I wasn’t sure whether to place it on a different colored shirt and make the helmet red, or just to place it on red or cranberry and make that the helmet color. In the end, the second option is what I went with.

Thanks :slight_smile: Believe it or not, that was my original idea :wink: It morphed into this, however, because it’s less “meme-ish.”

Do you really think Woot would reject it if the amputee was a pirate?