Derby #20: Create Your Own Holiday

From Seinfield

For heaven’s sake no.

If Festivus is not usable, does that mean International Seinfeld Wasn’t Really That Funny Day is out too?

Oh no. I may have to sit this dery out as I can already see where the popularity votes will land. :slight_smile: But, I’m going to go buy a can of creative juice and see what happens!

More specificaly, what do I have to stay away from to NOT get rejectioneringerated for being too festivus, or festivus inspired?

Everyday a holiday. Hmm. That’s about as much fun as an un-birthday…

So if it’s “Create Your Own Holiday” then all existing fake holidays are exluded right?

They already axed Festivus, but I think we’ll see a lot of Chritmakwanzukka, Steak & You Know Day, Talk Like A Pirate Day, Masturbate For Peace Day… you get the idea.

Festivus was on Seinfeld. groan basically don’t make a shirt about a holiday made up for a show or movie already. Be creative and make your own holiday…


how many times are we going to have a “EVERY HOLIDAY HOLIDAY” Shirt?

SEriously… my own personal holiday would not be suitable for a woor derby… i’m not sure i could even make that “R” rated…

Do they have to be not real holidays? Cause there are some really cool fake holidays that have become pop-culture

You know Pat, the “Seven Women for Pat Day” is just a tad TOO personal. L O L

What people will have to remember is that the shirt needs to speak to everyone yet be a totally new and fresh holiday that tugs at us enough to wear it.

I have a couple ideas. I just hope they aren’t taken by the time I can upload them.

Now, this does pose an interesting question . . . Can you do ones such as National Prank a Bum day . . . lol mean but come on who hasn’t wanted to tell a hitchhiker “throw your stuff in the back.” and then as he walks back up you drive off. lol

Could we get a stipulation to disallow designs that simply create a shirt for ANY fake holiday that someone else created?

For example:

Weasel Stomping Day - created by Weird Al
First Contact Day - Star Trek holiday
Great Swap Meet - Star Wars holiday
Freedom Day - Futurama holiday
Winter-een-mas - CTRL-ALT-DEL holiday

plus many more. I would think this derby to be as much about creating a holiday as it is about designing a shirt for it.

Happy Capitalist Celebration of Consumerism Day!

Also, if they decide to disallow opposite day, does that mean they really allow opposite day?

I want to see an “I dedicate my insanity to Cthulhu day”, where we all get to hide under the covers and pretend everything is ok.

And could we make this a paid holiday?

This is a valid question. Not to mention funny haha

If I see chirstmahanaquanzika, (or however you would spell it) I’m going to kill myself.

and wouldn’t that be a perfect day for a L O L Cthulhu shirt?

hey Keyser, how about a dance til you drop day shirt?