Derby #20: Create Your Own Holiday

Happy Capitalist Celebration of Consumerism Day!

Also, if they decide to disallow opposite day, does that mean they really allow opposite day?

I want to see an “I dedicate my insanity to Cthulhu day”, where we all get to hide under the covers and pretend everything is ok.

And could we make this a paid holiday?

This is a valid question. Not to mention funny haha

If I see chirstmahanaquanzika, (or however you would spell it) I’m going to kill myself.

and wouldn’t that be a perfect day for a L O L Cthulhu shirt?

hey Keyser, how about a dance til you drop day shirt?

Ok folks… time to catch up on work while i ponder this submission… I better have somethign by the time i get home tonight - i’ve got a packed weekend and wont be able to do anything after tonight…

here goes!

and on that note if someone wants to make a CanCan til you Can’tCan’t shirt I will love you forever.

And by forever I mean at least til the end of this derby. :slight_smile:

No need to submit a shirt, any design with a ninja, pirate or zombie is going to win. I think woot needs to make a rule against those 3 designs. It’s getting so old.

head -is -a- buzzin!

No poles! There was a festivus pole. Instead of the tree, I guess. On Seinfeld it was “A Festivus for the rest of us!” ha ha

i’m gonna use all three in one design. well now with hamsters and dinosaurs and penguins. so actually 6

and the feats of strength. “I think you can take him georgie!”

I’d love to see the holiday that would simultaneously support all those critters.

Now you just had to go and remind me that I am at work. Poohycumlardy! now I have to be all responsible and stuff.

I’m going to make a shirt for Happy Pucker Day!

a meme appreciation holiday.

its so you to do that to…=)

Don’t they already have that in February?