Derby #200 (The Silver Screen): Honorable Mentions

Meeeeces!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Lots of great shirts here, I hope they can whip up some old fashioned steam in the next double take.

Geekfactor and Boots should have printed this past week. Walmazans was ok, but not up to his usual snuff.

I’d leave the rest on the cutting room floor.

feeble cheer from the cutting room floor

Thanks for the HM, Woot :slight_smile:

Lots of great HMs. Some I hope to see print in the next double take.

“We’re kind of surprised they’re not citing on a steel beam high above New York City.”

Citing research notes or what?

I’m sorry for probably asking this question for the 1,000,000th time, but how does the t-shirt deal work from a creator’s perspective? Does he or she receive any money from the shirts being sold?

Wow this Derby ended up a shut out for me, none of the shirts I voted for got printed, fogged, or got an honorable mention.

I can’t believe neither of GrrlMarvel’s lovely submissions got an honorable mention.

I believe they get $1,000 for the first day of sales, and $2 a shirt after that.

After 125+ entries, you’d think I would have, by sheer dumb luck, stumbled into an HM by now. Someday you’ll recognize my greatness Woot… someday…

I can’t believe Propzilla didn’t print. who are the people voting??

blushes Wow. Thank you. Woot can be a fickle mistress. But I still love her.

Very pleased to see Let’s all go to the Laboratory (it was sooo close to printing!) - and also After The Credits and It Came from the Future.

These are all good, although I second the motion for more grrlmarvel HMs. The samurai girl was awesome this week.

Thank you Woot for the nod to my dancing Frankenstein. With the retro audio HMs rolling over, I’ll now have two singing monsters in the next double-take. :-p

So the honourable mention went to the less green version of Frankenstein’s monster

I’m just surprised my last minute (literally!) entry was over looked
c’mon, it got almost 10 votes!


I love your name.

Wow I would have definitely bought Damn this City (as well as the two people next to me).